Where Do I Find The Code To Link A Device On Showmax?

Where do I find my Showmax code?

Go to eazy.


com or click on the “Get my unique code” button above.

Sign in to Eazy platform.

Select my account..

How do I watch Showmax on my smart TV?

Samsung Smart TVEnsure that your Smart TV’s firmware is up to date.Go to the Smart TV interface on your Smart TV.Browse to the Smart TV application store.Search for Showmax.Install the free Showmax application.

How can I watch Showmax on my phone?

How to watch Showmax on my Android phoneDownload the Showmax app from the Google Play Store.Open the Showmax app and sign in with your email and password.Select the show you want to watch and tap the play icon to start watching.

How do I reverse a Showmax payment?

To cancel payment through a 3rd party, please contact the 3rd party directly. Once this is done, you will be able to see the full list of payment options available to you when you access My Account, Manage Subscription.

Does Showmax use data?

Streaming video can use up to 3GB of data per hour depending on the quality and streaming service. … Use the Showmax bandwidth calculator to figure out how much data you need to budget for in a month, depending on your device, your streaming habits and the amount of time you plan to spend binge-watching.

You may register five devices on your Showmax account. These may be replaced up to 20 times per year….Sign in on the Showmax website.Select My Account from the top menu bar under your username.Select My Devices to manage your registered devices.

How do I manage my Showmax subscriptions?

Sign in on the Showmax website.Select My Account on the top menu bar under your username.Select Manage Subscription.Select Cancel Subscription.

How do I add a profile on Showmax?

Log into www.showmax.com. Beneath Who’s watching Showmax? click on Add New Profile. Choose an icon and enter a name for the new profile.

How many profiles can I have on Showmax?

6 ProfilesA subscriber to the Showmax service can have a total of 6 Profiles associated with their account. This is the Profile for the account holder that first registered to the service and is associated with all billing and communication from Showmax. This Profile can be edited – but not deleted.

How do I log into Showmax on my TV?

To access Showmax on your Explora, push the blue DStv button on your Explora remote control. Scroll to “Watch now” and select “Showmax”. Navigate to the content you’d like to watch and push OK when you’ve found the show you’ve been looking for. You will be prompted to sign into your Showmax account.

Can I watch Showmax without Internet?

Can I watch Showmax without internet? Yes – if you download in free Wi-Fi zones. Download anything on Showmax to your tablet or smartphone and watch offline later. No data needed.

How do I download Showmax to my TV?

1. How do I download with Showmax?Go to showmax.com to sign up.Download the Showmax app on your smartphone or tablet for either iOS or Android.Open the Showmax app, sign in, and choose the series episode or movie you want to watch offline.Click on the DOWNLOAD button. … Downloads should start immediately.More items…•

How does Showmax work on TV?

Showmax is accessible on internet-connected devices like smartphones, smart TVs, laptops and tablets. The month-to-month subscription fee gives subscribers unlimited access to the entire Showmax catalogue – watch whatever you like, as often as you like, for as long as you like.

Can I watch Showmax offline?

Users of the ShowMax mobile applications (iOS and Android) can now watch their favourite series and movies on or offline. All you have to do is download your selected content when you have a good Internet connection (like at a coffee shop) to watch later when reliable internet isn’t available.