What Word Goes With Diamond?

What is another name for a diamond?

What is another word for diamond?equilateralgemparagonrhombusrocksolitairezirconbortbrilliantjager20 more rows.

What’s another way to say diamond in the rough?

What is another word for diamond in the rough?rough diamonddesignfirst draftfirst stabmock-upraw materialrough outlinerough sketchstudyunlicked cub

What is slang for diamond?

THE REASON DIAMONDS ARE CALLED, ‘ICE’ A diamond is often referred to as ice. Pop culture has an immense impact on diamond jargon and slang words used today. … Diamonds are not only called ‘ice’ due to their clear, colourless crystal appearance but because of its ability to conduct heat higher than any other gemstone.

What does it mean when a man calls you a diamond?

It simply means that you are precious to him and may be he has come up with a name in response to what you call. Soon, it will become just a nick name and the lustre that it reflects now may begin to tarnish slowly.

What is the opposite of silk?

What is the opposite of silky?lumpychunkyclumpycurdlednubblyunevencoagulatedcongealedgranularinconsistent1 more row

How do you say diamond in different languages?

In other languages diamondAmerican English: diamond.Arabic: ماسBrazilian Portuguese: diamante.Chinese: 钻石Croatian: dijamant.Czech: diamant.Danish: diamant.Dutch: diamant.More items…

What’s the opposite of Diamond?

What is the opposite of diamond?junkscraptchotchkegaudbagatelleobjetdoodadwhatnottsatskefolderol11 more rows

What is the rough of a diamond?

Rough Diamonds refer to diamonds which are still in their natural state after being removed from the belly of the earth. This is the stage before they are actually cut or polished in order to create the marvelous diamonds found in all of our unique jewelry.

How do you say gold in other languages?

Translations for Gold goʊldGoldذهبArabic.zlatoCzech.guldDanish.GoldGerman.χρυσόςGreek.oroEsperanto.oroSpanish.طلاPersian.More items…

What word rhymes with gem?

Words That Rhyme With “Gem” :1 syllable: clem, demme, feme, femme, hem, jem, Lem, mem, phlegm, rem, stem, them.2 syllables: ahem, baalshem, begem, Belem, condemn, contemn, dirhem, millieme, soleprint.3 syllables: cardizem, precondemn. About | Privacy | Words | Feedback. © 2020 RhymeDesk.com.

What word rhymes with diamond?

WordRhyme ratingMeterDimond100[/x]Dymond100[/x]klima und100[/x]beim hund100[/x]96 more rows

What is Diamond called in Sanskrit?

VajraVajra is the word for diamond and ayudham means weapon in Sanskrit. Another name for it was Agira which means fire or the sun. In fact there are 14 names counted to be given to a diamond in traditional Hinduism.

What word rhymes with gold?

Words That Rhyme With “Gold” :1 syllable: bold, bowled, cold, doled, fold, hold, holed, mold, mould, old, polled, rolled, scold, scrolled, sold, soled, strolled, Szold, told, tolled, wold.2 syllables: … 3 syllables:

What rhymes with diamond ring?

Words that have a pure rhyme on their last syllable only.brightening frightening heightening lightening tightening. enlightening. … maddening saddening. … coordinating subordinating. … brightening frightening heightening lightening tightening. … whitening whitening. … dieting quieting rioting.

What is a paragon?

noun. a model or pattern of excellence or of a particular excellence: a paragon of virtue.

What does a diamond look like when found?

Diamonds are cubic (isometric) form. The most common mineral that looks like a diamond is quartz and it is hexagonal form. When looking down on the crystals from the top, with the point of the crystal aimed at your eye, quartz will have six sides and a diamond will have four sides.

How do you say silver in other languages?

In other languages silverAmerican English: silver.Arabic: فِضَّةBrazilian Portuguese: prata.Chinese: 银Croatian: srebro.Czech: stříbro.Danish: sølv.Dutch: zilver.More items…

What is the opposite word of timid?

timid. Antonyms: bold, confident, venturesome, courageous, overventuresome, rash, audacious. Synonyms: fearful, pusillanimous, shy, diffident, coy, timorous, afraid, cowerly, fainthearted, inadventurous.