What Is A Rot?

What is the meaning of rot rot?

: to cause to decompose or deteriorate with or as if with rot.



Definition of rot (Entry 2 of 2) 1a : the process of rotting : the state of being rotten : decay..

What does rot mean in medical terms?

remedial occupational therapyROT. remedial occupational therapy. Medicine, Health, Healthcare.

What does cot mean?

small usually collapsible bed1 : a small usually collapsible bed often of fabric stretched on a frame. 2 British : crib sense 2b. cot. abbreviation. Definition of cot (Entry 3 of 3)

Why does fruit rot so fast in my house?

Some of the primary culprits are air, moisture, light, temperature, and microbial growth. Most fruits and vegetables spoil easily because of damage caused by microorganisms. Microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast and molds need water and nutrients for growth, energy and reproduction.

How long does it take for fruit to rot Animal Crossing?

Ever. You can drop it on the ground and leave it there for six months and it will still be just as fresh as the first day.

Which fruits rot the fastest the slowest?

Banana rots the fastest in both room temperature and refrigerator and the apple rots the slowest in room temperature and refrigerator. This means that the bananas don’t last really long before they rot and the apple lasts along time before it rots.

What is the means of rot?

verb (used without object), rot·ted, rot·ting. to undergo decomposition; decay. to deteriorate, disintegrate, fall, or become weak due to decay (often followed by away, from, off, etc.). to languish, as in confinement. to become morally corrupt or offensive.

What happens when rot?

Rot, or decomposition, is the natural biological process of breaking down complex molecules into simpler forms. … By continually adding new organic waste and aerating the compost, the natural decomposition process is able to thrive.

What is wood rot caused by?

The main cause of rot is moisture in timbers. Wood destroying fungus feed off this moisture and as a result visible signs of dry rot or wet rot damage appear on the affected timber. Wet and dry rot spores will only develop and take hold of timbers if the environmental conditions are correct.

What is the past tense of rot?

past tense of rot is rotted.

How do you spell rotted wood?

verb (used with object), rot·ted, rot·ting. to cause to rot: Dampness rots wood. to cause moral decay in; cause to become morally corrupt.

What is the past tense of write?

Verb TensespastpresentsimpleHe wroteHe writescontinuousHe was writingHe is writingperfectHe had writtenHe has writtenperfect continuousHe had been writingHe has been writing