Quick Answer: Which Police Forces Use What3words?

Do UK emergency services use what3words?

Save lives and resources in emergencies Emergency services across the UK are now using 3 word addresses to easily find and share precise locations..

Which emergency services use what three words?

What3Words has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares and each has been given a unique three word address which lets anyone give their exact location simply by using these three words. For example Bedfordshire Fire and Rescue Service’s headquarters in Kempston gives you the three words “cheese.

Who invented what3words?

Jack Waley-CohenChris SheldrickMohan GanesalingamMichael DentWhat3words/Founders

Does What 3 words work without signal?

The free what3words app works offline. Use it to find the 3 word address for your current location, or enter a 3 word address and use Compass Mode to navigate there.

How do I find someone using what3words?

Find a what3words addressOpen the what3words app and enter a street address or place name into the search bar at the top of the screen, then select the correct search result.Zoom in, switch to satellite mode and drag the map to find the exact location you want the what3words address for.More items…

How does what 3 words make money?

Sheldrick: The What3words consumer app and website are totally free for consumers and businesses. We make money by a tool that converts three-word addresses into latitude and longitude, which you need if you’re a company like Mercedes. … So it’s that enterprise code that we license.

Does Amazon use three words?

It has divided the world into 3m x 3m squares, each with a unique 3 word address. It means that you can refer to any precise location – a delivery entrance, a picnic spot or a drone landing point – using just three words. … Duplicate addresses cause navigation errors.

Why is what 3 words useful?

What3words divides the world into three-metre squares and gives each one a unique three-word address in order for people to be easily found in emergencies, and to give the billions of people without a formal address access to one for the first time.

Do police use what3words?

It’s now used by many other departments in the force including operations planning teams, search advisors and at scene guards. What3words – which is free to emergency services and members of the public – has divided the world into three-metre squares and given each one a unique three-word label.

How accurate is what3words?

From a what3words perspective, the 3 word addresses are 100% fixed in their location on the planet. This can be confusing if your device can’t make up its mind about where exactly you are located.

Why is what3words better than GPS?

What3Words divides the world into 3m x 3m squares and assigns each square 3 words. As opposed to GPS coordinates, the 3 words are meant to be more human-friendly and easy to remember. … With Google Maps, it places a random point on the location, whereas with What3Words, users can specify where exactly to navigate to.

How much is what3words?

Compare our plansPlanStarterBusiness 10Price per monthFree$45SupportStandardPriorityAPI usage reportingAutoSuggestUnlimited*4 more rows

Who owns what3words?

Chris SheldrickWhat3words is a geocode system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three metres….What3words.Founded2013FoundersChris Sheldrick Jack Waley-Cohen Mohan Ganesalingam Michael DentHeadquartersGreat Western Studios, LondonWebsitewhat3words.com1 more row

Do emergency services use what3words?

What is what3words? what3words has divided the globe into 3m squares and given each one a unique 3 word address. It means everywhere can be located with just three words.

Does Google Maps support what3words?

If you’re on a desktop computer, you can install an extension for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox that allows you to type a what3words address into the Google Maps search bar directly.

What companies use what3words?

Meet some of the inspiring UK companies innovating with…AA UK. ‘This simple solution helps drivers to identify where they are – and helps us find them even faster … a smart way to get you back on the road’.ALTIDO. … ARCHI UK. … Black Swan Oldstead. … Business Design Centre. … Chestertons. … City Cruises York. … CoolStays.More items…

Does the ambulance service use what 3 words?

The What3Words system is now up and running at EMAS, with just three words being used to find a person’s location in an emergency. What3Words have divided the world into 3m x 3m squares each having its own unique 3-word identifier, such as ivory.