Quick Answer: What Cheese Can I Use Instead Of Cheddar?

Can cheddar cheese be used instead of Parmesan?


But it will taste different, if you generally like parmesan that’ll probably be fine.

Also using parmesan instead of cheddar can make the melt different, along with changing the strength of the cheesy flavour.

If you use mature or extra mature cheddar, using parmesan will make it milder, and vice versa..

What is a healthy substitute for cheddar cheese?

Dairy ProductsHigher Fat FoodsLower Fat AlternativeCream cheeseNeufchatel or “light” cream cheese or fat-free cream cheeseCheese (cheddar, Swiss, jack)Reduced-calorie cheese, low-calorie processed cheeses, etc. Fat-free cheeseAmerican cheeseFat-free American cheese or other types of fat-free cheeses9 more rows

Can you substitute American cheese for cheddar?

American cheese can be substituted with Cheddar or Swiss cheese (to add more flavor). If you do not have access to cheddar cheese, you can use Colby, Cheshire or American cheese instead.

What cheese is closest to parmesan?

Grana PadanoWhile Pecorino turns up the salt and flavor, Grana Padano is much milder. The savory, nutty flavors are similar to Parmesan, but Grana Padano is generally less crumbly, so expect a softer cheese that works better when mixed into sauces than it does when grated on top of pastas.

What kind of cheese can you substitute for parmesan?

Parmesan Cheese Substitutes01 of 05. Grana Padano. Getty Images/StockFood. … 02 of 05. American Grana. Jennifer Meier. … 03 of 05. Dry Jack. Dorling Kindersley/Getty Image. … 04 of 05. Pecorino. Consorzio per la tutela del formaggio Pecorino Romano. … Reggianito. Jennifer Meier.