Quick Answer: Is Ruby From On My Block A Boy Or Girl?

What race is Ruby from on my block?

MexicanRuby Martinez is a 14-15-year-old high school student.

He is of Mexican descent and has brown hair and tanned skin color..

What is Ruby’s real name from on my block?

Jason GenaoOn My BlockRuby Martinez/Played by

How old is Jahking on my block?

Jahking Guillory plays Latrelle in On My Block. Guillory is an American actor from Long, Beach California. He is 17-years-old and his birthday falls on May, 14. Guillory acting career took off in 2016 at age 14 but since the age of nine, he had been starring in national adverts and music videos.

How old is Oscar Diaz on my block?

19-25 years oldOscar has an average to fairly fit body and is 19-25 years old. He has a shaved head, mustache, and goatee.

Who kidnapped Ruby in on my block?

At the end all of the Prophets are arrested including Latrelle. They have a little argument and when Monse turns away a white van pulls up and kidnaps Jamal, Ruby and Cesar then after she turns back she sees no one then someone kidnaps her.

Who is Ruby’s girlfriend on my block?

Olivia was into Ruby’s best friend Cesar before realizing Ruby’s feelings for her and she had feelings for him. In Chapter 10 of Season 1, Olivia finally kisses Ruby.

How old is spooky?

Spooky is around 19-20 years old and many people are scared of him, hence the nickname Spooky.

Who is Lil Ricky on my block?

Lil Ricky is a character in “On My Block”. He is the founder of the Santos Gang.

How old is Rudy on my block?

Jason Genao plays Ruby Martinez. The 22-year-old Dominican-born American actor is probably most known for his role as Napoleon in Netflix’s “The Get Down”.

Is Cesar and Monse dating in real life?

Some fans would be happy to know that Tinoco and his ‘Monse’ star, Sierra Capri, are not dating in real life, but who wouldn’t love the dynamics the two stars have at the moment. The two are very close indeed, and love hanging out outside the camera world too, but the relationship, well, is strictly platonic for now.

Who Shot Ruby and Olivia on my block?

On My Block’s season 1 cliffhanger left us with questions about who survived Olivia’s quinceanera, which was crashed by the Prophets, a gang looking to kill Cesar. Ruby and Olivia were dancing together when the Prophets, lead by Latrelle (whose life Cesar had just spared) rolled in and began shooting.

What grade is Ruby in on my block?

Jason Genao (Ruby): Age 23 Genao is baby-faced, so he makes a convincing high school freshman, despite being 22. PHoto: Courtesy of Netflix.