Quick Answer: How Much Is Liz Claman Worth?

How much is Maria Bartiromo worth?

Maria Bartiromo Net Worth and Salary: Maria Bartiromo is an American journalist, columnist and television news anchor who has a net worth of $50 million.

Though it should be noted that a portion of Maria’s net worth today comes from her marriage to financier John Steinberg..

How old is Liz Claman?

56 years (December 12, 1963)Liz Claman/Age

Where is Liz Claman from?

Beverly Hills, California, United StatesLiz Claman/Place of birth

Who is Liz Claman married to?

Jeff Kepnesm. 1999Liz Claman/SpouseClaman resides in Edgewater, New Jersey with her husband Jeff Kepnes (whom she married in 1999), a senior executive producer for NBC and MSNBC, and their two children.