Quick Answer: How Do You Get Revealing Outfit NieR?

Can you get different outfits in NieR automata?

When you complete certain tasks in NieR: Automata, you can unlock extra costumes for your characters.

Most of these costumes have requirements like completing the game a certain number of times, while others are tied to either side quests or downloadable content..

How do I get rid of a 2b skirt?

This is done by pressing and holding down the L3 and R3 buttons on the left and right analog sticks, as indicated in the image below. In the game, proceed to activate 2B’s self destruct sequence. A timer will count down until she blows herself up. Once she falls down and presumably dies, her lower skirt will blow off.

Why is 2b dressed like that?

So maybe 2B is dressed the way she is for more than just being eye candy for straight male gamers. Maybe she and the other YoRHa girls are dressed the way they are to ensure the trust of those pesky S models through human-like lookism.

Is 2b really dead?

2B dies a lot. … While she’s more than willing to blow herself up to off a couple of red-eyed robots at the beginning of Automata, she seems disturbed by the fact that her companion, 9S, has to explode along with her, only his death comes before his most recent memories can be uploaded.

Does 9s wanna kill 2b?

With the full translation of Memory Cage, we learned that 9S did not want to cold-heartedly kill 2B there (it was his first “life” with 2B too) and it was merely a self-defense which he did not enjoy at all: “I’m sorry.”

What is 2b’s secret?

If you are in position where the camera angle is directed up 2B’s dress, 2B will turn around suddenly and the camera angle will change. If this occurs ten times, the achievement will unlock.

Is the NieR automata DLC worth it?

Costumes are nice, but on a normal run, you’re likely to have most of the game finished before you can unlock them. It isn’t bad dlc, it is just expensive for what you get. That said, if you like the combat a lot and want a challenge, it can be worth it.

How do I switch back to 2b?

They are 2B, 9S, and A2. As you play through the game multiple times, the game will force you to switch between them during key points. When this happens, there’s no way to freely switch back to another character until the game offers you the option again.

What is the best weapon in Nier automata?

1 Demon’s Cry. These bracers are frequently used by players in very hard modes and are widely considered to be the best weapon in the game.2 Virtuous Treaty. … 3 Spear Of Usurper. … 4 Ancient Overlord. … 5 Virtuous Contract. … 6 Type-40 Blade. … 7 Type-3 Blade. … 8 Engine Blade. … More items…•

How do you get DLC outfits in NieR automata?

Getting All New DLC Outfits in NieR Automata The battles get tougher as you progress through the ranks, with the final one having a recommended level of 80. Every colosseum in the game has a final level 90 battle, and completing each one will give you a new outfit.

How do you get a 2b outfit?

The first way to get the 2B and 9S outfits is by getting your weekly gear drop from the Copied Factory raid. There are a total of four bosses in the raid, and each boss will drop a treasure for each alliance taking part.

What happens if you self destruct NieR?

In NieR: Automata, you can have your controlled androids activate a self-destruct sequence to create an explosion and blow up anything that’s near them. However, self-destructing will also cause your health to fall to critical levels, and you won’t be able to move quickly or attack for a few seconds until you recover.

Is 2b in love with 9s?

To make things even more difficult, 9S is clearly in romantic love with 2B. … Platonic love, the kind you share with your friends, is often the most complicated sort of relationship. The foil of their relationship is still the fact that 2B has been ordered to kill 9S, and has done so many times over.

Is Nier Automata open world?

Nier: Automata is an action role-playing game in which players take the role of combat androids from the YoRHa units across an open world environment.

Which ending is the true ending Nier automata?

The “true end” to NieR Automata is widely considered to be ending E: The [E]nd of Yorha. In order to get this ending you should finish the game up through ending D and then accept the pods’ offer to save the androids.

Does NieR automata actually delete your save?

You must give up your save data. It will be deleted forever.

What is 3c3c1d119440927?

3C3C1D119440927 is the first DLC pack for NieR:Automata. The content includes arena style gameplay with cosmetic item rewards as well as a small story detailing the events of a machine lifeform known as Plato 1728.

Why did 2b kill 9s?

Over the course of hundreds of operations, 2B was forced to kill 9S and wipe his memory countless times, an act that she came to hate for the pain it caused her after bonding with him over that time. (It is revealed in NieR: Orchestra Concert re:12018 that 2B killed 9S 48 times.)