Quick Answer: How Do You Erase The History On Netflix?

How do you delete recently watched on Netflix?

StepsSelect your profile.

Click the icon and name for your Netflix user profile.

Select your profile icon.

Place your mouse cursor over the profile icon in the top-right corner of the page.

Click Account.

Scroll down and click Viewing activity.

Find a movie or episode to remove.

Click the “Remove” icon..

How do I delete my Netflix history on my phone?

Deleting your Netflix history is simple. On your Android or iOS device, go to the Continue Watching list on the Netflix app, then click the three dots on any entry. A sub-menu will pop up. Select the bottom option that says ‘Remove from row’.

Where is viewing activity on Netflix?

Visit Netflix.com, ensure you’re logged in and then hover over your profile name. Select Your Account from the menu. Now, scroll down to the bottom and select Viewing Activity. You should now be presented with a list of everything you’ve streamed on your account.

How do I clear the history on my Samsung Smart TV?

Using your remote control:1 Open the Internet browser on your TV.2 Select the Settings icon.3 Select Web Browser Settings.4 Select General.5 Select Delete History.6 Select Yes to confirm you wish to delete the history.7 You will now receive a confirmation screen that the history has been deleted.

Can I see what someone is watching on Netflix?

Log into your account, select your user name, then select “Account” from the dropdown menu in the upper-right corner. Next, scroll down to “Viewing activity,” and tap that mouse button hard. While in the “Viewing activity” page, click on the “See recent account access” link.

How do I clear my continue watching?

How to remove titles from the ‘Continue Watching’ rowTap Menu on the TV show or movie you want to remove.Select Remove From Row.

How do you hide shows on Netflix?

Open Viewing Activity for that profile. On the Activity page, click on the icon next to the episode or title you want to hide. If you are hiding an episode, you’ll see the option to hide the entire series. To hide all of your viewing activity, select the Hide all option at the bottom of the page and confirm.

How do I delete my Netflix history on my Iphone?

Step-by-step instructions on how to delete Netflix history: Tap the “More” tab in the bottom-right corner of the screen. Select the “Account” option. Scroll down and tap “Viewing activity.” Select the “Hide all” option at the bottom or delete titles individually by taping the circular icon next to a movie or TV show.

Is there a continue watching on Disney+?

Disney+ now has a “Continue Watching” tab, making it easier to pick up on your favorite show right where you left off. A new row of your recently watched shows appears on the Home screen, with the option to resume from wherever you stopped watching last.

Does Netflix tell you when someone is watching?

In account settings, you also can find the “Viewing activity” for each profile on a Netflix account in the “My Profile” section. That’s where you can see what’s being watched.