Quick Answer: How Do We Report Questions?

What is reported request?

A request is when somebody asks you to do something – usually politely.

Reported requests are one form of reported speech..

What questions are asked in a reported speech?

ExamplesDirect speechIndirect speech”What time does the train arrive?” she asked.She asked what time the train arrived.”When can we have dinner?” she asked.She asked when they could have dinner.Peter said to John, “Why are you so late?”Peter asked John why he was so late.3 more rows

What are reported commands?

Reported Orders, Commands and Requests are formed using the to-infinitive and not to-infinitive. The reporting verbs for the orders/ commands/ requests are: order, shout, demand, warn, beg, command, tell, insist, beseech, threaten, implore, ask, propose, forbid…

How do we report questions and commands?

He asked me who I was. ‘ The teacher asked me what I was doing there. Note that in reported questions, the subject comes before the verb whereas in direct questions the auxiliary verb goes before the subject.

What is a reported question?

A reported question is when we tell someone what another person asked. To do this, we can use direct speech or indirect speech.

What is command and request?

Request means asking someone if they can help. An example: Hey can you get up and help me clean. While a command is someone telling you to do something. An Example: Your parent telling you to go clean up.

What is reporting statement?

Reported statements are one form of reported speech. direct statement. reported statement. He said, “I am sick.” He said that he was sick.

What is an example of a command sentence?

“Stop!,” “Come here!,” and “Look out!” are all examples of the imperative form. … Command sentences ordinarily, but not always, begin with an imperative (fussy) verb because they tell someone to do something. Examples: – ” Stop talk! ” shouted the teacher.

How do you turn a question into a reported speech?

How to change Questions into Indirect Speech? :Change the question into a Statement.Change SAID / SAID TO into ASKED (enquired).Change Conjunction word THAT into IF or WHETHER.Change of Personal Pronoun, tense and Special words.Remove commas, quotation marks and question marks.More items…

What are the rules for reporting short answers?

To form the short answer, you use the first word from the question. (This is either an auxiliary verb or a form of ‘be’.) Use the long form (he does) in affirmative answers (yes). Use the short form (he doesn’t) in negative answers (no).

How do you report commands?

Use a reporting verb like request, order, tell, advise, beseech, threaten, beg, implore, ask, propose and forbid. Note that all of these verbs except propose must be followed by an object. Commands and requests are usually reported using a to-infinitive. That-clauses can also be used.