Quick Answer: How Do I Activate MTN Zone?

How can I double my data on MTN?

How to Subscribe MTN Double Data on New SIM?Open your message app on your phone.Type ‘PROMO’ as the body of your text message and send to 131.You will get a message which looks like “Thank you for subscribing for data bundle… …

Press 1 and accept.

You can now dial *131# to subscribe to any MTN data bundle of your choice..

Which is the cheapest MTN plan?

MTN Xtra Pro It’s one of the cheapest MTN tariff plans for call. It allows you to make a call just at 11k/sec. It’s a flat rate for any network you choose. The daily access fee is just N5.

Which is the cheapest MTN Data Plan?

MTN, like most other networks offers daily data plans and weekly data plans in addition to the standard monthly subscription. The cheapest monthly plans still remains flat 1000 Naira for 1.5GB and 1,200 Naira for 2GB which used to offer 1GB for 1,000 Naira, now offers 1.5GB at the same price.

How do I check my MTN Zone discount?

Cell Broadcast is a feature that enables you to view all MTN Zone discounts right on your phone. To activate the Cell broadcast on your phone. Type /Enter*135*4# and press Send / OK.

How can I join MTN Zone?

To join MTN Zone, users simply need to dial *141*4*2#. Moving to this price plan is both immediate and hassle-free. In addition, MTN Zone users can dial *135# or contact the MTN Call Centre to view currently available discounted rates in their location.

What is the code to migrate in MTN?

Text ‘TT’ to 131 or dial *400# or dial *123*2*6# and migrate to MTN TruTalk tariff plan.

How do I get data bonus on MTN?

Subscribe for the monthly plan to have internet access to all social media valid for 30days with MTN 1GB monthly plan at a charge of #1000. You get an extra bonus of 500MB all together making 1.5GB of data for just #1000. To subscribe text “106” to 131 or dial 131 and follow the options to select your choice.

How do I get 100% data bonus on MTN?

Just send PROMO to 131 then an on-screen SMS saying “Thank you for subscribing for device bundle……. Press 1 to accept or 2 to reject. ” would be relayed to you. You can then subscribe to any MTN data plan by dailing *131# to get it doubled!

Which MTN plan gives double data?

#200 gives you 1gigabyte of data valid for 7 days and #100 will give you 250mb for 3 days. Now, this is unbeatable. Next, dial the USSD code to migrate to MTN deal zone 4x data offer “*131*65#”

How can I migrate to MTN cheapest call?

If you are not on MTN pulse there is a need to migrate to enjoy this cheap call rate and other bonuses accrued to this plan. To migrate simply text “406” to 131 or you can dial *406*1# or *123*2*2#.

How do I activate MTN deal zone?

Steps to enjoy the MTN Kapalasa offer: Bring your existing 4G or 3G enabled smartphone from another network. Insert a registered MTN SIM. Wait for a ‘Welcome SMS’ confirming you have received the bonus data offer. Dial *131*1# to buy any MTN Data Bundle and enjoy your bonus.

What is MTN InstaBinge?

MTN Pulse InstaBinge bundle is a newly announced plan from MTN Nigeria, that allows users on Instagram to enjoy ultimate browsing with 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100. … Unlike the recent MTN Deal Zone offer, that mandatory needs your SIM to be dormant for the past 30 days, to be eligible.

How do I activate MTN YafunYafun?

MTN Yafun Yafun is a default MTN Tariff plan. To get started on MTN YafunYafun SIM offer, you can buy a new SIM, register and activate it and start using the Tariff plan. To receive the 700% bonus, just recharge by dialing *555*the recharge PIN#. After recharging, you will receive 700% bonus on that recharge.

Does MTN zone still exist?

MTN Zone Nigeria is already back and it has become much better! … As a lot of MTN subscribers already know, Nigerian MTN discontinues the Migrating to MTN Zone because of the reasons totally unknown to the public, however, it still affects subscribers who have the benefits of the prepaid plan.

Which MTN plan is best for data?

The Best MTN Tariff Plans in Nigeria & Migration Codes 2020MTN Tariff PlansMigration CodesCall Rate(s)MTN Pulse – Editor’s ChoiceText 406 to 131 or Dial *406*1#.11K/SecMTN Trutalk+Text TP to 131 or *123*20#20k/SecMTN Xtra SpecialDial *408#Data BundlesMTN SuperSaver PlusDial *408# or Text 408 to 13140K/Sec1 more row

How can I qualify for MTN 200 1gb?

These are the steps required to activate the 1GB for 200 Naira MTN data plan.You need to have a minimum of ₦200 airtime on the MTN simcard to be used for the data subscription.You dial the code *131*65# is to be dialed; and.

When can I use my MTN bonus data?

Not Assessable During The Day.