Quick Answer: How Can I Get Cignal Prepaid?

How do I load pay per view on Cignal prepaid?

Just follow these 3 easy stepsLog in to Cignal Account Portal.

If not yet registered, please register your Cignal Postpaid Account.Go to Add-ons tab then click PPV to select your preferred PPV program.Click the “Subscribe Now” button and you’re done.

Happy watching.


How can I buy cignal through PayMaya?

Users will be able to purchase Cignal prepaid subscription at a discount during the promo period in the PayMaya in-app shop by logging in the app, going to the shop menu, selecting Cignal prepaid load under e-Load section, input account Cignal prepaid user’s details, click continue and confirm checkout.

How can I get my cignal account number?

There are two ways to find your account number.Refer to your Cignal SOA or Statement of Account.Gently pull out your SMART CARD from the set-top box and check the backside of the card.For SMART and SUN subscribers, text CIGNAL SC <12-digit smart card number> and send to 5353.

How much is the cignal box?

PROMO DETAILSPREMIUM SD – BOX ONLYPremium SD Kit1,1901,1901st Month Load*100600Installation Fee**1,0001,000Initial Cash-Out2,2902,7904 more rows

Can GCash load cignal?

How do I top-up my Cignal Account? Log-On to the GCash App. Select Buy Load. … Just text CIGNAL For both commands, send to 5353 for SMART and SUN subscribers.

How do I log into cignal?

To log in, go to Cignal’s website at www.cignal.tv and click on the Account Portal icon found on the upper-right portion of the page or visit my.cignal.tv. Provide the following information upon log in: Email Address. Password.

Does cignal have Internet?

Already part of PLDT HOME’s triple-play offer, PLDT has extended the Cignal over IP service, which allows broadcast of Cignal TV programs via the internet, using its most powerful broadband Fibr, and iGate, PLDT’s Dedicated Internet Access service, to its enterprise customers. … Basas, CEO and President of Cignal TV.

How can I pay cignal online?

Security Bank Online BankingGo to the nearest / most convenient Security Bank branch to enroll in Security Bank Online Banking.Access ‘Payments & Transfers’ tab.Select ‘Pay Bills. … Select the Biller (CIGNAL TV)Enter the Cignal Account Number (click here to know your account number)Enter the Amount to be paid.Click ‘Submit’.More items…

How do I connect my Smart TV to cignal?

TV Configuration (via Simple Set Button)Turn on your TV.Press and hold the Simple Set button until LED blinks 2x.While pointing the remote control to your TV, press and hold the number button which corresponds to your TV brand until the TV turns off by itself. … Turn on your TV using the TV remote control.More items…

How can I check my cignal prepaid balance?

How can I check the expiration of my load? To inquire about your load expiration**, simply text Cignal EXPPrepaid Account number and send to 5353. Standard SMS rates apply. (** for SMART & Sun subscribers only).

Can I buy cignal load online?

The Cignal Web Loading Tool is a self-service online loading facility that will credit purchased load to the enrolled Prepaid account.

Can I watch cignal on my phone?

Cignal announced a new value added service called Cignal TV-to-Go earlier today at a press event in Manila Peninsula. … Initially it will only be available in selected Android devices but as the service gets out of beta and launches commercially, Cignal subscribers will be able to enjoy this on iOS and Windows Phone.

Is cignal play free?

Is it free? You only have free access with Cignal Play Basic subscription where you can watch select live TV channels, series and movies. You can upgrade your subscription with Cignal Play Premium for only P75 for unrestricted access.