Quick Answer: Can You Go Inside The Petra?

Is Petra worth seeing?

You just need to think and feel deeper.

Otherwise, you might just want to stick to going to the movies or a theme park.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but if you’re looking to be entertained, this may not be the place for you..

Can you do Petra in a day?

You can comfortably see Petra in a day. Everyone has different levels of historic site tolerance: you could spend five to six hours exploring, or twice that time – but even so, a day gives you plenty of time.

What is inside the city of Petra?

Petra is a stunning collection of tombs, temples and ancient living spaces of the Nabatean civilisation. … Some main archeological sites inside the city are the Treasury – the tomb of a Nabatean king, the Monastery – an isolated mountain temple, a theatre, government buildings and dwelling for regular people.

How much does it cost to enter Petra?

As of 2020, a one-day ticket to visit Petra costs 50 JD (£57 / 70 USD). As there is so much to see, many people opt to visit for multiple days. A two-day ticket costs 55 JD and three-day ticket costs 60 JD. Children under 12 enter free.

Why is Petra so special?

Famous for its rock-cut architecture and water conduit system, Petra is also called the ‘Rose City’ because of the colour of the stone from which it is carved. It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1985. … Petra is a symbol of Jordan, as well as Jordan’s most-visited tourist attraction.

Is Little Petra worth visiting?

Siq Al Barid (Cold Canyon) is colloquially known as Little Petra and is well worth a visit. It was thought to have served as an agricultural centre, trading suburb and resupply post for camel caravans visiting Petra.

How do you get around Petra?

Within Petra, the only way to reach most sites is by walking (strong, comfortable shoes are essential!) or by taking a camel, donkey or mule to more distant and uphill sites.

How long is the walk in Petra?

The walk from the entrance of Petra to the Treasury (the iconic facade that is the highlight on a visit to Petra), is 2km long, or just over one mile. If you walk fast, you can get to the Treasury in 20 minutes. If you slow down, enjoy the views, and take lots of photos, it can take at least 30 minutes.

How hard is the walk to Petra?

Distance and Difficulty: The Petra Monastery Trail is 2.5km / 1.6 miles return from the end of the Petra Main Trail (4km in). Medium walk, steep with lots of stairs, but not too long (in my opinion, the Petra map says hard).

What should I wear to Petra?

For the city, sturdy and stylish sandals work well (I brought a pair of comfy b.o.c.). But, it is recommended that if you plan on going to Wadi Rum or exploring Petra to bring a pair of light hiking boots. It can be very dusty in these places and the ground can be uneven.

Are there toilets at Petra?

Once you’re inside Petra you’re able to use toilet supplied with water to wash up, there are many toilets, first of them located about 200 M from the main gate and the rest are all the way down.

Is it illegal for a woman to hug a man in Jordan?

But, public displays of affection (including those between men and women) are frowned upon. Adultery is defined as sexual relations with anyone you aren’t married to, and the only legally-recognized marriage in Jordan is between a man and a woman.

Can you drink alcohol in Jordan?

Alcohol. Even though Jordan is largely a Muslim country, drinking alcohol is not a social taboo; it is readily available in restaurants and hotels. There are also bars in tourist areas and some of the major cities particularly those with a significant Christian community. Wine.

Can you still visit Petra?

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to visit Petra in Jordan, the quick answer is, yes. But it’s easy to say, and we understand that when traveling in the Middle East like anywhere in the world, things can be confusing and sometimes reading around the internet can be scary (much like researching a medical condition).

Can you wear shorts in Petra?

Whether you are in the city of Amman, exploring Petra or trekking the desert men should refrain from wearing shorts as it is seen as disrespectful. … This rule applies to both men and women so always wear shirts and t-shirts that cover the top of the arms.

Who is buried in Petra?

Aaron died and was buried on the summit of the mountain, and the people mourned for him thirty days. Mount Hor is usually associated with the mountain near Petra in Jordan, known in Arabic as Jabal Hārūn (Aaron’s Mountain), upon the summit of which a mosque was built in the 14th century.

What religion is Petra?

The Nabataean religion has encompassed both Christendom and an earlier form of Arab polytheism practiced in Nabataea, an ancient Arab nation which was well settled by the third century BCE and lasted until the Roman annexation in 106 CE.

Do you have to wear a hijab in Jordan?

Unlike Iran and Saudi Arabia, women in Jordan are not required to wear hijabs or cover up otherwise. Jordan is quite liberal compared to some of its neighbors, and in parts of Amman, nearly everyone is dressed Western-style.

Is food expensive in Jordan?

While meal prices in Jordan can vary, the average cost of food in Jordan is JOD14 per day. Based on the spending habits of previous travelers, when dining out an average meal in Jordan should cost around JOD5 per person. Breakfast prices are usually a little cheaper than lunch or dinner.

Do you need a visa to go to Petra?

Citizens of most Western countries do not require a pre-arranged visa to enter Jordan, they will be issued with a tourist visa at the border. … At the Allenby Bridge (between Jerusalem and Amman), no visas are issued on the spot, but if you have pre-applied for a visa it is possible to cross.

How many days do you need in Petra?

two daysIf your itinerary can swing it, I recommend spending two days in Petra, though if you have time you can definitely spend more there—the park is massive!