Quick Answer: Are Old Record Players Worth Money?

What is the best vintage Thorens turntable?

A classic belt drive turntable, the Thorens TD-160 suits people who enjoy fiddling with things.

The Thorens TD-160 turntable is a tweaker’s heaven.

It is arguably Thorens’ second best turntable behind the TD-124.

The Thorens TD-160 is an incredibly good looking turntable, if minimalism is your thing..

What is the best Marantz turntable?

10 Best Marantz TurntablesTOP Choice. Marantz. … Pro-Ject. Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Turntable with Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge (Piano Black) … Most Savings. Stereo Squares. … REGA. Rega Planar 2 Turntable with RB220 tonearm, Glass-platter and Carbon Cartridge (Gloss Black) … Audio-Technica. … Marantz. … Audio-Technica. … Denon.More items…

What is my turntable worth?

If this is still in good working condition and both the radio and record player are working you unit is worth $180 to $250. However, if the record player or even the radio aren’t working, then the until will only sell for $50 to $75.

Do old records work on new record players?

Every turntable can play 33 and 45 RPM records. … These old records have wider grooves, so you may need to replace your stylus to play them. But unless you’re planning to collect records pressed before the mid-1950s, you don’t need to worry about 78 RPM.

What is the best vintage Technics turntable?

Another fantastic series of vintage Technics turntables was their linear tracking direct drive turntables. Of these, the SL-10 is the highlight. Many other vintage Technics linear tracking turntables are also worthwhile, such as the SL-M3, SL-15, SL-7, SL-QL1 and SL-5.

What is the best vintage Pioneer turntable?

Re: Question about vintage Pioneer turntables One of the best Pioneer ever made was the PL-630. It came out in the late 70’s, 1977 I think until 1980. They’re very complicated but real good quality. Fully automatic and simply gorgeous.

What is the best vintage dual turntable?

There are a few good one’s in there, too – but the best are CS 701, 704, 721 and 728 with a hall generator driven Direct Drive motor with a shocking 0,03% wow + flutter ! The ULM ( Ultra Light Mass ) Tonearm may not look special, but sounds really good.

What brand of turntables is best?

Best record player for 2020: Rega, Audio Technica, Pro-ject, more turntable reviewsBest under $100. Audio Technica AT-LP60. See at Amazon.Best under $300. Fluance RT82. See at Fluance.Best under $1,000. Rega Planar 3. $945 at Audio Advice.Best mainstream model. Crosley C10A. See at Amazon.Best step-up option. Pro-Ject T1 $329.

Can all record players play 12 inch?

All record players do not play every single size of vinyl record. All record players will play the two most common sizes of vinyl record, those being 12-inch and 7-inch, but it is far less likely they will be able to play a 10-inch record.

What is a good vintage record player to buy?

So without further adieu, here are the Top 8 Best Vintage turntables.Linn LP 12. The Linn LP 12 is without a doubt the turntable with the biggest and best reputation amongst audiophiles. … Thorens TD-124. … Garrard 301/401. … Rega P3. … Acoustic Research XA/XB. … Technics SP-10. … Technics 1200. … Sansui SR-838.

What’s the difference between a record player and a turntable?

In its basest form, a turntable is simply a major component of a record player. It is the part of the player that holds the record and spins it. … In this sense of the word, a turntable is similar to a record player, except it does not come with built-in speakers or an amplifier.

What is the best Pioneer turntable?

siamac PIONEER VINTAGE The best Pioneer TT is PL-61. But PL-550 would be the best to fit to your system. If you find a good working PL-570 with good wood-look-finish, it will cost a lot. PL-505, PL-707, PL-55X would be good choices, too.

Which Technics turntable is the best?

Considered by many to be the best ever, the Technics SL-1200 and its dark side variant the SL-1210 have garnered a legendary reputation in DJ circles and beyond.

How much is an old phonograph worth?

Early machines are scarce, and popular. An Edison Spectacle machine sold at an auction a few years ago for around $40,000. To be sure, this is the highest price I’ve heard of anyone paying for an antique phonograph, but this model was believed to have been as extinct as Tyronnosaurus Rex.

Are Crosley turntables really that bad?

Re: Why do people say Crosley turntables destroy your record Because they are. They are built to be as cheap and nasty as possible. Many of them track from 7-12 grams tracking force, they are nasty and distorted and do more damage to a record in one play than 3,000 plays on a good setup.

Do expensive turntables sound better?

No such turntable exists, but high-end turntables get a lot closer to that ideal than budget contenders. … Conversely, if you put an average phono cartridge on an audiophile grade turntable, the cartridge would decode more of the music pressed into the grooves, with less background sound, so the music would sound better.

Can you leave a record on the turntable?

Once you are finished with a record, make sure to always place the record back into its sleeve. Even the advanced vinyl enthusiast may forget this step from time to time, but leaving records out of their sleeves increases the risk of dirt, dust and sunrays from compromising the vinyl’s sound quality.

Are old turntables worth anything?

Fact 1: Old Turntables are Cheaper Than New Turntables. The fact of the matter is that old turntables are almost certainly sonically better than new ones for the price. There are of course exceptions, with turntables with cult followings fetching outrageous prices on eBay.