Quick Answer: Are Clint Black And Lisa Hartman Still Married?

Who is Lisa Hartman Black married to?

Clint Blackm.

1991Lisa Hartman Black/Spouse.

What has happened to Clint Black?

Nothing happened to him. He’s still around. However, he’s experienced several setbacks in his career that has reduced his profile in the country music world. Black had to sue his former manager for royalty funds that were “mismanaged” and he left his record label after being with them for nearly 15 years.

Does Clint Black’s daughter have Rett syndrome?

Clint Black and his brother Kevin share a bond beyond their brotherly love and passion for music. Kevin lost his 16-year-old daughter, Cortney, to Rett syndrome and since that time the Black brothers have been actively pursuing every opportunity to expand awareness of this often-misdiagnosed syndrome.

How old is Clint Black?

58 years (February 4, 1962)Clint Black/Age

Who is Clint Black’s daughter?

Lily Pearl BlackClint Black/Daughters

Who is Clint Black’s biological father?

G.A. BlackClint Black/Fathers