Question: Why You Shouldn’T Go To Amsterdam?

What should I avoid in Amsterdam?

Things to avoid in AmsterdamAccommodation booking scams.

Taking a car into the center of Amsterdam.

Tram, bus or train riding without a valid ticket.

Avoid walking along the bicycle lanes.

Do not smoke in trains and train stations.

Avoid using cannabis in public.

No pictures of the Red Light District’s windows.More items….

Is Amsterdam dangerous for tourists?

There have been reports that some women visiting the Red Light District at night were harassed or assaulted. All in all, Amsterdam is a very safe city which should be visited for sure, and you should not worry about your safety as long as you practice common sense, which is necessary in any large city in the world.

How Safe Is Amsterdam?

Yes, Amsterdam is the safest city in Europe! According to The Economist Safe City Index 2019. In the 1980s Amsterdam was a city full of crime, drug abuse and danger. … Amsterdam is now totally safe.

Is the red light district safe at night?

In most places, areas that sell sex/prostitution can be quite dodgy/dangerous. However, the Red Light District is in some way safe and alright. You will see many tourists, young/old couples, groups of students and even families walking around the Red Light District even late at night.

Is Amsterdam an expensive city?

Amsterdam: the most expensive place to stay It may come to no surprise, but according to hotel website,, Amsterdam is by far the most expensive place to stay in Europe. We complain enough about the house prices and the difficulties of both buying and renting an affordable place in Amsterdam.

Can u drink tap water in Amsterdam?

Can you drink tap water in Amsterdam? The answer to this question is simple: Yes! Tap water in Amsterdam is clean, safe, and delicious. Read more about Amsterdam’s drinking water.

Is Amsterdam safer than London?

According to the latest report by Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), Amsterdam is the safest city in Europe. By comparison, London ranked 14th in the same report. The report included 60 cities around the world and analysed 57 indicators contained within four types of safety.

How do I not look like a tourist in Amsterdam?

If you don’t want to look like a typical tourist, rent a black bike and roll like a local. Bear in mind that if you don’t feel confident on a bike it might be better to stick with a MacBike for safety reasons.

Which part of Amsterdam is best to stay?

The Best Areas To Stay in AmsterdamAmsterdam-Noord | Amy Wren / © Culture Trip | © Amy Wren / Culture Trip.Oud-West | Amy Wren / © Culture Trip.De Pijp | Amy Wren / © Culture Trip | © Amy Wren / Culture Trip.Westerpark | Amy Wren / © Culture Trip.Jordaan | Daniel de Leau / © Culture Trip.

What is the best time to visit Amsterdam?

The best time to visit the city is late spring or early fall. To avoid crazy crowds while still enjoying good weather, we recommend visiting Amsterdam in April, May, September or even as late in the year as early October.

What should I buy in Amsterdam?

Souvenir Shopping in Amsterdam: 20 Dutch Things To BuyCustom Clogs. When people think of Holland they often imagine windmills and wooden shoes. … Dutch Licorice. … Puccini Chocolate Bonbons. … Nijntje Knuffel. … Blond Amsterdam Breakfast Set. … Pip Studio Bathrobe. … Guillotine Cheese Slicer. … Handmade Wallet.More items…

Do and don’ts in Amsterdam?

DON’TS: while smoking weed in Amsterdam1) Don’t visit a tourist-trap. … 2) Don’t expect to get stoned from the souvenir shop brownies. … 3) Don’t smoke on the street. … 4) Don’t smoke on Café Terraces. … 5) Don’t cycle whilst stoned. … 1) Do try out a variety of unique coffee shops on a coffee shop tour.More items…

How many murders are there in Amsterdam?

fourteen murdersAmsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, in 2018 also remains the country’s ‘murder capital’. According to Moordatlas (Murder Map), fourteen murders took place in Amsterdam this year. (2017: 16; 2016: 24).

Are there any unsafe areas in Amsterdam?

The only famously ‘dangerous’ area in Amsterdam is Southeast (Amsterdam Zuidoost), an area rather separated with some distance from the city. No chance you will wander around here by accident! Southeast, also called Bijlmer, was built in the 1960s as a new haven for young families.

Is pickpocketing bad in Amsterdam?

Pickpockets can ruin your vacation in an instant When it comes to pickpockets, Amsterdam is no different from other major (and not so major) cities. Tourists and locals alike have to be alert and take reasonable precautions against being pick-pocketed.

Why you shouldn’t go to Amsterdam?

Over-Tourism in Amsterdam The growth is unsustainable for a small city and Amsterdammers are being driven out of the center. And when locals get fed up, tourist dollars are not as appreciated. This also means visitors generally don’t get as good of a value as a great off-the radar destination.

What should I be careful of in Amsterdam?

13 Things Tourists Should Never Do In AmsterdamDon’t expect wild parties during weekdays.Don’t get on public transport without an OV-Chip card.Don’t take cash or credit cards for granted.Don’t hire a bike if you can’t ride one.Don’t walk in cycle paths.Don’t buy a bike from an unofficial source.Don’t buy drugs from street dealers.More items…

What do stoners do in Amsterdam?

The Best Things to Do When You’re High in AmsterdamCatch a movie at Pathé Tusckinski.Play a round of glow in the dark mini-golf.Check out Electric Ladyland.Sail a pedal boat through the canals.Eat everything at de Foodhallen.Take in some nature at Hortus Botanicus.Discover Amsterdam’s many coffeeshops.More items…

Where should you not go in Amsterdam?

the Red Light DistrictAs for areas to avoid, most Amsterdam neighborhoods are safe for walking, even alone, with a few exceptions. One place to avoid come nightfall is the Red Light District. While it’s filled with all types of people during the day, the area attracts seedier visitors and vagrants at night.

Is English widely spoken in Amsterdam?

The official language of the Netherlands is Dutch. The majority of Amsterdam’s residents speak English well and are often fluent in one or two languages on top of that. You can usually get by effortlessly in Amsterdam without a knowing word of Dutch.

What is the best location to stay in Amsterdam?

The Old Centre Many first-time visitors consider this area as the best place to stay in Amsterdam, due to its central location and abundance of budget accommodation options. This is the first place to start looking if money is tight, although some may find the proximity of the red light district off-putting.