Question: Why Private Hospitals Are Better?

What are the pros and cons of privatizing health care?

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Private Health InsuranceYou Choose Your Doctor.

In the private healthcare system you often have more flexibility in choosing a doctor as well as medical facility.

Shorter Wait Times.

If you are having a surgery that is necessary but not life threatening, there are often long wait times.

Improved Facilities..

What would happen if the NHS was Privatised?

Private firms will not carry on providing an unprofitable service any longer than they have to. This could lead to a lack of continuity, with some patients finding their health providers change during an illness.

What is the problem with health insurance?

The high costs of health care and health insurance make it increasingly difficult for small employers and low-income people to pay for health benefits. This problem, like the problem of insurance coverage, can be solved most effectively by major reforms in the health care financing system.

Why is private health care bad?

Private healthcare and government subsidies for poor and elderly mean very high administration costs. Private healthcare insurance firms make large profit meaning more expensive health care for countries like the US, who have private provision. The problem of adverse selection.