Question: Why Is My Alexa Not Understanding?

How do I fix Alexa not understanding?

Here are 5 things to try to fix it:#1.

Wait a few hours and then try asking Alexa something again.


Unplug the Echo device and plug it back in.


Make sure Alexa is still connected to the internet.


Ask Alexa to check for a system update.


If all else fails, try a full reset of your Echo device..

Why is my Alexa red and how do I fix it?

1 The Microphone Is Either Out Of Sync Or Not Working: The microphone, which is on mute mode, is the most common reason for the Alexa Dot red ring issue. To fix this problem, try pressing the microphone button on the top of the device for about 4 seconds. As the button gets pressed, the red ring will go off.

How do I reconnect my Alexa?

How to connect an Amazon Echo to Wi-FiSign into the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android device, then tap the “Devices” icon in the bottom-right. … Tap “Echo & Alexa” on the next screen. … Select the specific Echo device you want to connect to Wi-Fi. … On the next page, next to “Wi-Fi Network,” tap the word “Change.”More items…•

Why is my echo not responding?

Reset Your Echo Show If your Echo device is unresponsive, or you want to erase your device settings, factory reset your device. … Tip: Having trouble with your Echo device? Restart your device first to see if it resolves the problem. Just unplug the power adapter from the device or the outlet and then plug it back in.

Why does my Alexa not understand me?

Alexa Doesn’t Understand or Respond to Your Request Make sure you’re using the power adapter that was included with your device. Make sure you have an active internet connection. Check that your device isn’t muted. … To make sure that Alexa hears you, move your device away from walls, other speakers, or background noise.

How do I get Alexa back online?

Update the Wi-Fi Settings for Your Echo DeviceOpen the Alexa App .Select Devices .Select Echo & Alexa.Select your device.Select Change next to Wi-Fi Network and follow the instructions in the app.

Where is the reset button on Alexa?

1. Locate the reset button, which will be a small hole near the base of the device. 2. Use a paper clip (or similar tool) to press and hold the Reset button, until the light ring on your Echo device turns orange, and then blue.

Does Alexa have a reset button?

Video: This is the best smart speaker First-generation Amazon Echo: Locate the reset button on the bottom of the Echo speaker. Then use the end of a paper clip to press and hold the button for 5 seconds. … The light ring will turn on and off again with a spinning orange light, which means it has reset.

How do you restart Alexa?

How to factory reset your Amazon Echo using the Alexa appOpen the Alexa app on your iPhone or Android, then go to “Devices.”Tap “Echo & Alexa,” and then choose which Echo you want to wipe clean.Scroll down and tap “Factory Reset” and then confirm your choice.