Question: Is Strava Safe To Use?

What does strava do with your data?

We do not sell your personal information.

Strava may aggregate the information you and others make available in connection with the Services and post it publicly or share it with third parties..

Does strava sell your data?

And Strava doesn’t make any promises about what it won’t do with your data. In the past, it’s sold its location data to cities looking to parlay information about where cyclists bike to create better bike lanes. Mostly harmless, sure, but Strava has the potential to sell your data elsewhere too.

Is strava Free 2020?

Like its peers, Strava is a free digital service accessible through both mobile applications and the web, and for serious users, it offers various advanced features for a monthly fee.

Why are strava segments hidden?

Customizing which Segments will be Visible In segment-dense areas, it is too hard to display all segments on one ride. Depending on the number of times a segment is viewed, that segment is either shown on the ride by default or “hidden” due to a low popularity rating.

How do you stop someone following you on Strava?

On the mobile app From your profile page, select the Following tab. Select the Following button next to the athlete you want to unfollow to reveal the Unfollow option. From the profile of the athlete you’d like to unfollow, select the Follow button next to their follower count to reveal the option to unfollow.

Can anyone follow you on Strava?

Managing your Profile Page Privacy Controls Click on the ‘Privacy Controls’ tab on the left side of the page. Select ‘Everyone’ or ‘Followers’ under ‘Profile Page. ‘

Can you find out who flagged you on Strava?

Viewing your Flagged Activities Flagged activities will not appear on the segment leaderboards. You can see the flagged status of your activity in several places: In your feed on the Strava website, you will see a flag icon next to the activity title.

Can I block someone on strava without them knowing?

Blocking someone won’t send them a notification, but they’ll know something’s changed if they try to view your profile.

Is strava worth paying for?

If you’re specifically only a runner and don’t cycle, it’s very questionable as to whether Strava premium is actually worth the 2 or 3 coffees a month you’d have to forego to fund it. … Ultimately, if you’re a runner and money is no object, Strava premium is a nice add on to the core Strava offering.

Can anyone see my strava?

Enabling Enhanced Privacy allows you to manage who can follow you and see certain profile details. … Finally, we have our highest level of privacy. If you choose to make activities private by default or on an individual basis, you will be the only person who can see this activity on Strava.

Does strava show your weight?

Is the weight I enter on my settings page public? Your weight is not explicitly listed anywhere on Strava. Do keep in mind that we have segment filters that display results by weight range so depending on your activities’ privacy settings, this may be somewhere your name will appear within a class of weights.

What can followers see on Strava?

Following is a way for athletes to subscribe to other athletes’ activities on Strava. When you follow another athlete you will see their activities, challenge progress, created routes, among other actions displayed in your activity feed. A complete list of your followers can be viewed from your profile page.

Is there an alternative to strava?

Garmin Connect Garmin are seasoned veterans of the sports world and it shows. … The same as Strava, the app lets you connect with friends to compare results, schedule a ride together or gawk at pros’ crazy stats and is, of course, supported across all Garmin devices.

What is the best way to use Strava?

Here are eight ways to use Strava to boost your training.The Joy Of Segments. The segments feature is one of Strava’s standouts and one that can become addictive. … Join The Club. … Log Your Indoor Training. … Create Routes. … Break New Ground. … Step Up To The Challenge. … Repeat Routes To Track Progress. … Connect To Your Wearable.

Is strava a safe app?

So, is Strava safe to use? Although Strava has privacy settings that can help users to protect their privacy, the default settings are set to public. So, while options may exist to help, unaware users may be putting their privacy at risk.

Can you make your strava private?

Managing your Training Log Privacy Controls Go to your Settings page by hovering over your profile picture in the top right and selecting ‘Settings. … Click ‘Training Log’ to the follow the link your Training Log page. Select ‘Public’ or ‘Private’ from the upper right-hand corner of the page.

Is strava better than MapMyRun?

Overall winner: Strava If you’re someone who wants a space to connect with other runners, share your metrics, and compare your scores, Strava’s the better fit. If you prefer a more individualized system with better privacy and comprehensive, time-tested routes, MapMyRun is the way to go.