Question: How Do You Survive Night Shift Without Sleep?

How do 12 hour shifts work without sleep?

The Hour-By-Hour Guide to Getting Through Work on Zero Sleep7 AM: Open The Window And Drink Some Water.

8 AM: Coffee Good, Donuts Bad.

9 AM: Tackle The Hard Stuff.

11 AM: Caffeine, Water, Repeat.

12 PM: Eat A Light Lunch.

1 PM: Find A Place To Take A Nap.

2 PM: Down One More Cup Of Coffee (If You Want)More items…•.

Do night shifts shorten your life?

The World Health Organization has even dubbed shift work a likely carcinogen. Now, new research indicates that inconsistent hours can cut your life short. … Shift work increased the risk of death from any cause by 11 percent in nurses who worked rotating shifts for at least five years.

How do you drive home after a night shift?

Hands gripping the steering wheel tight, leaning forward and focusing on the road with determination is the normal post-nights driving position. For the 15-minute drive I stop a few times and even park the car to walk about, in order to wake up.

How long should you sleep before a night shift?

If you’re a night owl, you’ll find it more difficult to sleep in the afternoon but try at least a 15-20 minute nap before you get ready for work. Be aware that if you nap for more than 30-40 minutes your body will enter deep sleep.

Should you stay up all night before a night shift?

Before your first night shift, it’s a good idea to try to sleep during the day so you are not awake for a full 24-hour period. Some people may find that staying up late the night before the first shift helps to get them into a routine.