How Do You Graduate Distinguished?

What does Distinguished Graduate mean?


Being a distinguished student is an honor.

Students that are considered distinguished have worked very hard throughout their entire high school career to get to this point.

In order to be distinguished, a student must have a 3.8 GPA or higher.

Students with highest distinction either have a 3.9 or 4.0 GPA..

How many credits are in the Foundation Graduation Program?

22 creditsCurrently in Texas, there are four graduation programs: The Foundation program (22 credits) The Foundation program plus an Endorsement (26 credits) which includes a 4th science & math plus courses for endorsement. The Distinguished Level of Achievement (26 credits)

What is an endorsement?

An endorsement may be a signature authorizing the legal transfer of a negotiable instrument between parties. … A public declaration of support for a person, product, or service is also called an endorsement.

What is a foundation endorsement?

The Foundation Endorsement (NM 61) insures the lender that the foundations of structures under construction are within the boundaries of the land, that their location does not encroach onto easements, and that their location does not violate particular Covenants, Conditions, or Restrictions.

What is RGV lead scholar?

RGV LEAD is in the business of education, partnering to engage students in college-and-career- focused learning opportunities to achieve a higher level of competence in the workforce. RGV LEAD Scholars will receive an RGV LEAD honor cord and RGV LEAD Scholar certificate to signify their accomplishments.

Is Texas history required to graduate?

The four graduation plans currently in use require students to earn 22 to 26 course credits. … Students must pass five end-of-course assessments to meet the testing requirements for graduation. Those tests cover Algebra I, English I, English II, Biology and U.S. History.

What is the foundation high school program?

The Basics The Foundation Program is a base plan consisting of 22 credits. Students then select from five endorsements: Multidisciplinary Studies, STEM, Business and Industry, Public Service, and Arts and Humanities and complete credits to satisfy individual endorsement criteria.

How do you become a Texas Scholar?

To become a Texas Scholar, a student must:In grades 9-12.Maintain a 2.75 grade point average.Complete the Recommended High School or Distinguished Achievement Program or the Foundation with Endorsement graduation requirements.More items…

What is a foundation distinguished diploma?

Distinguished Level of Achievement A high level of academic achievement earned by going beyond the Foundation High School Program. It requires a total of 26 course credits, including Algebra II, a fourth science credit and an endorsement.

What is the Distinguished Achievement Program?

The Distinguished Achievement Program recognizes students who demonstrate levels of performance equivalent to college students or work done by professionals. This graduation plan not only requires credits in certain courses, but also has an advanced measures component.

Who sets high school graduation requirements?

To graduate from a California public high school, you must meet two sets of graduation requirements—state and local. California sets minimum graduation requirements and local school districts add their own set of requirements.

Do colleges care about endorsements?

Private and out of state universities will care little. As a result, they should care little about the graduation plan and endorsement earned by students applying to their school.

How do you earn a distinguished level of achievement?

Students earn Distinguished Level of Achievement by completing the 26 credits consisting of the Foundation High School Program plus an endorsement. Students’ credits must include Algebra II as one of the four math courses, and a fourth science course in order to earn the Distinguished Level of Achievement.

What is the distinguished level of achievement?

The Distinguished Level of Achievement requires more math and more science than the Foundation High School Program. The Distinguished Level of Achievement requires: A total of four credits in math, including Algebra II; A total of four credits in science; and.

What does Texas Scholar mean?

Texas Scholars is a program designed to motivate all students to complete the rigorous coursework required to earn the state Recommended Program Seal. … Beginning with the class of 2003, to be recognized as a Texas Scholar, students must complete graduation course requirements for the Recommended Program Seal.

What is a graduation plan?

Graduation plan is a student specific plan detailing the courses necessary for a high school student to graduate from high school and to successfully transit to post secondary education and the work force. Usually a graduation plan include various career and course planning requirements starting from sixth grade.

What is performance Acknowledgement?

A student may earn a performance acknowledgment on the student’s transcript for outstanding performance on a College Board advanced placement test or International Baccalaureate examination by earning: • a score of 3 or above on a College Board advanced placement examination; or • a score of 4 or above on an …