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Strong Women Empower Other Women

Empower One is a revolutionary not for profit movement which aims at empowering women on all levels by women who would take this initiative to change one life, just ONE LIFE and bring about a big difference to someone’s life through small ways . This program does not involve any monetary help/donation from women who participate , all it seeks is that women who are privileged and blessed,  give their time to other women to be able to bring them to a level where they can live a life at their highest potential and do things that they have been longing to do.  We all are struggling in our lives at our own level but helping others not just empowers them but in turn also empowers us where the feeling of being a giver and helping someone progress and evolve and live a life they want to, cannot be matched to any monetary compensation. The objective is to impact as many lives as possible by women and for women. All we need is your time because we believe that to change a life all you need is a powerful will and dedication to go all out for that one person. We aim at bringing about a feeling of sisterhood and we aspire to set an example of how strong women are when they stand together for each other. Also, for women to feel and know that they always have support of fellow strong women in whatever they do so that they can live a life they aspire to.

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How does this program work?

  1. One woman #EmpowerOneStar will choose one woman who she wants to help in whatever way she wants and thinks she can. It could be anything, helping someone overcome depression, extending a helping hand to someone find a job, grow her business or help someone facing domestic violence. You would fully commit to changing this one life for better ! It could be 5 year old girl child or a 60 year old woman who has been abandoned by her family. You can help anyone you feel need you and be ready to experience the magic of prayers, blessings and the confidence that you will feel in yourself, the power that you could bring some difference to someone’s life, no matter however small or big it is.
  2. Once you CHOOSE THE WOMAN, second step is to register with us.
  3. You become EmpowerOne Star after you register. Start on your journey to help your fellow #empowerone star unconditionally !

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Empower One Star

The moment you register with us , you are Empower One Star who will help help one woman you choose and work for her upliftement in all ways.


Empower One Chapter Leaders

Women who want to lead a particular city would be called Chapter Leaders. She would manage the entire city operations for Empower One.


Empower One Organization Leaders

All the companies/organization who will associate with us would have one person leading their team of women and they will be called Empower One Organization Leaders. They have the responsibility to motivate women to come forward to be a part of this and at the end of the program would arrange for appreciation and awards to women who participate.


Empower One Influencer

Women/Men who have followership on social media/ otherwise and who would want to associate with the campaign to come forward and motivate other women to be a part of empower one squad will be called Empower One Influencers. We would love to have maximum women be a part of this movement.


Empower One Superstars

Women who would bring about an impact that become an example for many would be awarded by our organization in the final event.


How can your organization/ company be a part of this?

If you are a company, NGO or any welfare organization we would love you to be a part of this revolutionary movement by having your members and employees ( women ) become a part of this movement and changes lives of many many women out there.

We would love to have your participation in large numbers because we aspire to make this movement as one of the biggest movements for women and by women.